Polar Care Wave for cold  compression.

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Polar Care Wave for cold compression

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Polar Care

The Polar Care – Kodiak Cold Care Therapy System is the most convenient and versatile offering in Breg’s Polar Care line. Its easy to use, compact design makes it great for clinic, hospital, and home use. Depending on your patient-specific protocol, with nothing more than an initial fill of a little ice and water, your patients can enjoy up to 6-8 hours of motorized cold therapy.

Polar Care Wave

Polar Care Wave combines motorized cold therapy with active compression in a simple and compact system, making it ideal for facility and home use. Polar Care Wave is easily transported from the hospital, physical therapy clinic or athletic training room to the patient’s home, extending the benefits of cold and compression.

Polar Cube

The Polar Care Cube Cold Therapy System is simple and reliable. Its easy to use, compact design makes it great for clinic, hospital, and home use. With the addition of ice and water, your patients will enjoy 6-8 hours of effortless cold therapy. Proper use requires an insulation barrier between the pad and the patient’s skin. Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a medical professional.